Nick squeezed the door to avoid the blazing fire in Jess eyeballs. The man felt his pride and reputation being trampled on. For years, no one dared defy his will. He looked briefly at his wife, the flickering fire there had mixed with the melted tears. His concave eyes welled up in melancholy. With long legs, he made his way toward the woman who had successfully ensnared him.

”Im sorry, Jess! ” Nick reached for that little body that was only up to his chest. She let him go, but also did not reply.

”Jess, I have to go. You have to understand. ”

”What if you fail? Will you keep putting your stupid mission first? I don want you to keep leaving me. ” Jess stayed one step away from her husband, her gaze demanding.

”Have you ever heard of my failure? ” asked Nick, silence fell into their debate for a moment.

”But, Nick…. ”

”Didn you and Jacob share that information in the first place? What does it mean if not recommended? ”

”Im just telling a story. Why did you make it a mission? I didn send you there anyway. ” That little woman is angry.

”Don argue with me, Jess! Only this task would restore their trust. ” Nicks eyes freeze everything.

”All right, do whatever you want. Do it while you can. Begone! I won stop you anymore. ” Jess finally gave in and stopped arguing with her husband.

”Really? ” Jess nodded in the lingering resentment. Nick smiled so sweetly. Nick kissed Jess forehead before going into the workroom. There, Nick remembered the newspaper he kept.

It was a paper given by Jacob Alfonso of its 1972 issue that he collected from a special rack of silver lining. His brain is reviewing the title ”mysterious killer ”. The newspaper contained information about a mysterious tribe that was thought to be the leading cause of the deaths of tourists. According to the news circulating, they are female. Until this moment, the incident has not been uncovered.

After all, anyone who steps into the forest will lose his life in mysterious ways. It was proven when the families of the victims along with the police never returned after an investigation.

Finally, the government closed cases and banned anyone from conducting an investigation. Theyll be fined one million dollars for violating the statute. Nick moved his eyeballs up like he was thinking of something, then he moved on after grappling with the cell phone screen. The backpack that was prepared long ago had been moved on his back. Nick is sitting comfortably in the living room. The twenty-one-year-old man looked at his wife reading a magazine while sipping her favorite hot chocolate. He knew the activity was just a cover to cover the disappointment. The sadness on the womans face could be read easily.

”Nick, are you really going? Think again, I am carrying your child. ” Nick paused his eye activity for a moment, then walked up to the woman.

”Im sorry, Jess. I got a go. I got a go. You must take good care of yourself and our child. Ill send Bill and Velove to accompany you. I love you. ” The brown hair owner hugged Jess after a while, kissing her ruddy lips before he actually left.

A few minutes later….

”Hi, Jess, why are you sad like a child? ” Jess threw a sofa cushion at Yodas who had just come with Gaffin.

”Normally youd like it when Nick leaves b

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