BROKEN : Satanic Verses

Yodas was Kidnapped by a Tarantula

The suns rays began to appear. The light mist started to dissipate. Everyone ended their adventure in dreamland and rushed to wash their faces with the mineral water they brought. They refuse to go to the river. The air in the forest is very fresh. They feel oxygen filling the chest cavity. The beautiful chirping of birds also makes the mood good. However, that doesn apply to Lutfi. The boy looks lethargic. Maybe he didn sleep well because of Youvees moaning all night long.

Right now Youvee wasn that fussy, but Nick was worried about her not getting out of the tent. Out of curiosity, he entered the tent and saw Youvee huddled up. His face looked like he was out of blood. Immediately, Nick touched Youvees forehead. Nicks flat face became tense.

”Yodas! Yodas! ” Nick shouted as he glanced outside the tent.

”What is it? ” asked Yodas, one eyebrow raised at the sight of Youvee.

”Quickly take the fever-reducing medicine! ”

”Okay! ” Yodas obeyed, not long after he returned with a medicine box.

”Youvee how come you have a fever? ” Finally, Yodas asked. He was surprised to see Youvees chest and hands were red and slightly swollen.

”Hey Youvee! What did you do to make your body like this? ” Youvee didn respond, his eyes still closed as if he was feeling something incomprehensible.

”Youvee, wake up! You have to take your medicine now! ” said Nick, helping Youvee to sit up. Youvee grabbed the pill Nick had given him and swallowed it.

”Nick, Im sorry! My condition is hindering our journey. Im sorry, Im really useless. ” Youvee wept, regretting what had happened to him.

”Its okay! Youll be fine after taking the medicine, ” Nick said.

”Nick, are we going to postpone the trip? ” Yodas squinted his eyes in any direction. Nick was silent for a moment.

”No! We continued our journey. Really now Im fine after taking the medicine. Look, Nick! Im fine. ” Youvee took Nicks hand, assuring him that he wasn an obstacle to their journey which had just begun.

”Are you sure? ” Nick seemed to have doubts about Youvees condition.

”Look! In fact, Im already sweating. ” Youvee looked at Nick and Yodas in turn.

”Okay. Eat it! After this, we will prepare. ” Nick came out of the tent, followed by Yodas and Youvee.

After tidying up the tents and packing, they gathered and were ready to continue their journey. As usual, Nick took everyones attendance. Yodas, Youvee, Mehmet, Joe, Lutfi, Sanskar, Steve, and…. Gaffin? Where is he going? While shouting for Gaffin, their eyes lurked in all directions. The boy didn answer.

No one knows where Gaffin went. Mehmet explains the last time he saw Gaffin. The boy said he was going to pee, but Gaffin didn say where. Nick took out his cell phone. After a while, his face became irritated. Gaffin GPS untracked. As the chairman, in the end, he made the decision. The man divided them into four groups and went in different directions. Yodas and Joe went north. Mehmet, Lutfi, and Sanskar chose the south route, while Youvee and Steve walked west. Nick himself headed east.

”Gaffin, where are you? ” Joe shouted loudly.

”Where is that damn boy? My feet are tired of looking for it. ” Yodas grumbled.

”We will see. Ill hit him when he finds him. ” Joe replied. Yodas wiped the sweat that trickled down his face.

After grumbling satisfied, they continued their search. Suddenly, the sound of dry branches rang out and the sound stopped following the footsteps of those who were standing still. As if someone was watching. They looked at each other without a word, then started walking again. The sound of the dry branches grew more intense. Joe, feeling uncomfortable, walked carefully to find the source of the sound. He suspected the noise was coming from a large tree in front of him.

”Joe, be careful! ” Yodas warned. The guy over there just gave a thumbs up. Joes hearing wasn wrong. The sound grew louder as he approached. He took a stance with a pounding heart. With complete confidence, he ambushed the spy hiding behind the tree.

”Haha, look, Yodas! Turns out its the hamster thats been following us. ” A fat animal dangled from Joes grip. However, the brown-haired animal tries to escape by wriggling its body.

”Joe, I don think its a hamster. ” Yodas was horrified to see the furry animal. The animal that Joe thought was a hamster had reddish eyes and teeth that looked like saws.

”Hey, its a hamster. Look how cute he is. ” Yodas cursed Joes stupidity for being insensitive to his surroundings. The fat animal wasn even as cute as one might think. The animal wriggled aggressively, then bit Joes finger until it almost broke.

”Oh shit! ” Joe screamed as his hand was bleeding.

Revenge, Joe chases the hamster that harmed him. Yodas casually followed him. Joe kept running all the way to the river while swearing. However, another creature managed to catch him first. Joe was wide-eyed. The creature that had just poked its head out of the river managed to damage his vocal cords suddenly.

Likewise with Yodas, the man with slender eyes fell down because he suddenly stopped moving his legs. The two men froze. They don know what steps to take. The sight in front of them completely paralyzed their brains in an instant.

”Joe, we have to get going. Otherwise, we will have his next meal. ” Yodas stammered. His voice was barely audible while Joe could only move his eyeballs.

Joes chest heaved up and down, the hamster he was chasing had been eaten by a creature that was big and looked dangerous to him. Joe and Yodas did not know what creature was currently in front of them. Its long body has golden scales. Its little feet are webbed and have black, pointed claws. Coarse spines grow on both sides of the head and run along the visible back.

Joes heart seemed to want to burst when suddenly the eyes of the snake-like animal looked at him with a hungry look. Rows of yellowish fangs the size of a mature goats feet stretched apart, dripping golden drool, much like thick caramel liquid being dropped. The big monsters head was now only inches from Joe. Joes face instantly became very ugly. His blood flow receded somewhere.

The huge beast began to sniff him, then licked it with his jagged red tongue. As if thrown from a height of thousands of feet, Joes heart seemed to lose its rhythm. He felt his diary space had run out before the story was finished. The helpless Yodas could only scream in his heart. Slowly, Joes figure disappeared from sight.

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