BROKEN : Satanic Verses

The Death of Gaffin and Yodas

On the bank of the river, Yodas let the waves of water that became the terrible creatures hit his body. Yodas still couldn believe what he saw. Joe might fall asleep in a predators stomach, and he couldn help it.

”Damn it! Jiah! ” The owner of the exotic skin roared as he grabbed his hair.

Yodas looked up, looking once more about Joes departure. Something unexpected happened. Yodas was shocked when he felt the water on his face making it difficult to breathe. He took a few steps back when he saw the monsters head suddenly sticking out of the river.

”Did he hear me? My God, Im done! ” said Yodas, his eyes looking resigned and desperate.

”Are you going to eat me like you eat my friends, huh? ” Yodas shouted loudly, as if it would satisfy his heart at the end of his life.

The creature looked at Yodas, then opened its mouth. Yodas shouted with his eyes closed, he felt something hit his body. His body fell on the gravel. He felt his body filled with a foul-smelling liquid. However, while preparing himself, he felt no sign that he had entered the gate of death.

Yodas slightly widened his eyes, only a rushing river flowed through his eyes. Yodas brushed off the disgusting liquid using ten fingers before actually widening his eyes perfectly. He gasped and immediately fell to his knees. As it turned out, what happened was not what he expected.

”Joe! Joe! ” A trembling Yodas shook Joe—the most ridiculous man in the community, but Joe didn answer, his eyes still closed.

”Joe! ” A wrenching roar finally exploded when he learned that Joes pulse was no longer there.

Several wounds were seen on Joes face, hands and feet. However, it seems that was not what took Joes life. Later, a man with two wives was found to have heart problems. However, considering that someone had been inside the monsters body for some time, Yodas could only scream. Whatever the reason, Joes life will never come back.

Tired of crying, Yodas stood up. He plans to tell Nick and the others about Joes death. The Arab man secured Joes body under a teak tree and covered him with a large lotus that grew wild on the bank of the river. Panic made Yodas stumble and could not determine the right direction. Getting lost in such a place made almost his entire face shrouded in despair.

Now, he is trapped in a spooky cave. Leaning at the mouth of the cave breathless. His sore legs could not walk. A pair of wandering eyes, there are many large bats hanging from the ceiling of the cave. However, when he looked down, he saw a corpse lying on the side of the wall naked. Out of curiosity, he stood up. The corpse had a snake tattoo on its back. Yodas seemed to recognize him. Frustrated, Yodas turned the corpse over. The twenty-three year old youth took a step back. His face suddenly paled. Sweat as big as corn on the face fell on each other.

”Gaffin… Gaffin! ” Yodas sobbed softly, the person they were looking for now turned out to be a corpse. What happened to the brave Gaffin? Confusion now piled up, bending his dashing face.

Now, he realized how dangerous the forest was. Yodas immediately ran, but his very tired legs could not do it. Forced, he dragged his body weight that reached sixty kilos using both hands. Just as he was about to reach the mouth of the cave, something touched his back. Yodas felt an itching sensation mixed with a slight pain and tingling sensation.

He immediately turned his head to answer his curiosity. At that moment, his guts disappeared in an instant. His dry lips pursed, holding back all the words that were running through his brain. The furry man never expected to see a tarantula as big as a basketball.

All this time he had seen something like that in fantasy dramas. Like being sucked in by a time machine, he felt like he was in another dimension. Unfortunately, he becomes a fighter who may be unlucky. How could he escape the clutches of the tarantula without power and weapons?

Yodas wanted to cry, but the tears seemed to dry. Yodas could only scream, letting the black beast carry him into a damp corner of the cave and wrap him in bone-crushing white webs. As the tarantula left, Yodas tried to tear the web that covered his face. The heart rate slowly weakened.

Yodas could only breathe a sigh of relief after struggling with the remaining strength. The nets are not torn. Just a little, but make it better. His tired eyes wandered, the darkness of the cave made him not know between day and night. However, from the voice that was heard, Yodas knew that he was not alone. There are many dangerous beasts around.

Elsewhere, Nick decides to return to the place where they had gathered after a long walk and not getting to the point of light. He called the whole group using the emergency signal on a smart phone. Within one day, the group managed to gather except for Yodas, Joe, and Gaffin who had been the main search targets.

”So no one managed to find Gaffin? ” asked Nick between a few seconds of misty silence.

”Where are Yodas and Joe? ” Nick, everyone seriously. They exchanged glances.

”How will we know–when we are going in different directions, ” Lutfi responds.

”Track their whereabouts! ” Steve immediately nodded after Nick looked at him. Clever, Steves fingers fiddled with a tracking application. Steve points out two different points between Yodas and Joe.

”Why did they split up? ” Mehmet shows a crease on his forehead.

”Could they be lost? ” Youvee asked. ”It could be! ” Sanskar speaks.

”When viewed from here, their position is not far apart. We can find them together. ” Nick explained, his eyes were still glued to Steves cellphone screen.

”But, why did they stop? ” Steves question made their heads think.

”We will know the answer later. Now we must hurry over there. Remember, no matter what happens, no one dares to break away, ” Nick said as he walked away.

Their journey this time was quite far. Nick thought theyd be there by midnight or dawn. They have to be aware of their surroundings. It is not impossible that they will meet predators. Their eyes are required to be alert, especially at night. They stepped under the orange glare of the galaxy. The mosquitoes began to suck their blood brutally. The community immediately covered their bodies with mosquito repellent lotion and thick coats.

The day was getting darker, the chirping of night birds and bats began to enliven the forest. Several times the roar of the coyote was heard. Hurrying up, they turned on the flashlights. They found no animals except for small, harmless animals like millipedes and frogs.

At ten oclock at night, Youvee suddenly grimaced. Nick, who realized immediately stopped his steps. He was stunned to see Youvees bare chest. The ants sting marks, which were originally reddish round in shape, have turned into terrible wounds. The red sphere expands to form blisters filled with pus and water. Youvees white, smooth, hairless skin accentuates existing scabs.

”Ah… A! ” Youvee screeched, unable to contain the sensation any longer. He scratched his chest until it bled.

”Hey, what are you doing, Youvee? ” Sanskar asks, annoyed.

”Stop it Youvee! You
e hurt! ” Nick orders.

”Come here! ” Mehmet led Youvee to a place where there were no bushes.

Youvee leaned his back against the tree trunk. Nick sat facing Youvee and immediately helped Youvee clean the wound with cotton and rubbing alcohol. With the help of Mehmet, Youvees body is now clean of blood. After that, they applied ointment to the terrible scabs.

”It hurts, but Im getting better. Thank you, ” Youvee said.

”It hurts because you scratched it until it bleeds. If you want to be more patient, you don have to feel that way. ” Steve answered.

”Are you all right? ” asked Nick.

”I am alright. This ointment tastes cold. ” Youvee answered with his eyes closed.

”Are you ready to continue our journey? ” Nick confirmed Youvees condition. The man in front of him nodded as he put his clothes back on.

A moment later, they left the place and walked in an orderly fashion following the directions on the cell phone. In a few hours they would reach where Yodas was. Turns out the road to them is getting more difficult. The terrain they went through was really sweating. They had to use both hands to part the weeds that were dense and towering. They have to protect their feet from the thorns of the shy princess grass and other sharp grass that is not visible.

”Whoa! ” Sanskars scream instantly averted his eyes.

”Why? ” Nick showed his astonishment.

”U-u…. ”

”Caterpillar? Snake? Poultry? Snot? ” asked Lutfi, as if not interested in the excitement the Indian-born young man was making.

”Nge-ngh…. ”

”Chat your ex but just read it? ” Lutfi asked carelessly. Sanskar opened his mouth, wanted to say something, but caught in his throat.

”Whoa! It…. ” Before Sanskar could continue his words properly, Nick looked at him with a confused look. Nick slashes a knife on Sanskars back.

After doing so, the man with spiky teeth exhaled. A white hairy insect lands on Sanskars back. The insect has feathers that extend like antennae. Nick picked it up as it fell to the ground. Lutfi glanced at the winged insect briefly, then he pouted in annoyance.

”Good grief! Just a moth. You are too much, Sanskar. Lutfi protested.

”These insects are very cute. Ive never seen a moth like that! ” said Mehmet.

”And Sanskar was scared of him, huhu! ” Steve laughed mockingly.

”Its a poodle moth! ” Nick made a sound, then let the bug fly.

”What wrong? ” Nick directed his eyeballs at Youvee. He sniffed the smell of anxiety on the face of the golden haired boy.

”There isn anything. I just feel like someone is watching us. ” Youvee said while neutralizing the tension on his face. Nick and everyone else looked around, then hurried off on their way.

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