For days traveling, the community could not find the location of the river they were going to. They just go round and round and always come back to where they came from. The food stock has run out whereas they don know when they will come out. Nick thought it was hard to get on the right path. This time Nick felt really confused. As chairman, he carries a great responsibility.

Exhausted, Nick complied with the members wishes to just catch his breath. Descending the terraced ground, they unwind on the flat ground. A sprig of grapes immediately soothes the eyes, those who see are like a herd of hungry coyotes.

”Give me some! ” Mehmet says to Sanskar, who manages to get many parts.

”Hey, why do you keep eating it? ” Sanskar ignores Mehmet, he keeps on chewing all the fruits till they run out.

”Why did you spend it alone, Sanskar? You didn leave a single grain for me and Nick. ” Mehmet said.

”I am so hungry and thirsty! ” Sanskars answer instantly makes Mehmet smack his lips.

”Mehmet, what are you doing? In a situation like this, do you still have the strength to hit him? ” Nick said.

”Thats appropriate for a greedy person, ” said Mehmet.

”Here, take it. Im not that hungry yet. ” Youvee held out a grape that he hadn eaten after splitting it in two. Steve, Lutfi and Sanskar stared in disbelief at Youvee. There was regret in their eyes.

”Thank you, Youvee. Really, its not necessary. Eat it! I am alright! ” said Nick.

”Besides, half a grape can have any effect. If you eat it whole, at least it can take away the bitter taste in your mouth for a while. ” Mehmet chimed in. Mehmets sharp gaze made his three friends uncomfortable. In the end, Youvee chewed the fruit reluctantly.

”Nick, what are we going to do now? ” asked Mehmet.

”Somethings not right here! We can find no other way. Just go round and round. ”

”Its like theres an invisible power. ” Mehmet is of the opinion.

”If we are dealing with magic, then how do we fight it? ” Youvee shuddered in horror. Instantly, he really felt a mystical aura hit the nape of the neck.

”Praying is our only hope! ” Mehmets gaze shifted to the prayer beads that always accompanied him.

Nick straightened his gaze. Who would have known his calm face harbored so much fear. Both lost in their own thoughts, a strange voice managed to break their daydream. They looked around, the sound came from a puddle of water surrounded by small trunked trees. Nick tried to check the pool of water there. At a glance, he saw the tail of an animal. Could it be a crocodile? Not long after, the animal rose to the surface of the water to answer their curiosity.

”Anaconda! Run! ” Nick called out quietly, but it was as if no one had heard. Do they feel the same taste, where the soil they stepped on seemed to turn into a super premium adhesive?

”I can run, pray for this time! ” Mehmet made a suggestion.

Four meters long, the greenish animal looks perfect when it comes out of a puddle. Feeling the most cared for, Steves heart was pounding so hard that it made his chest heave up and down irregularly. His legs were shaking violently. There was fluid moving in his jeans. If there were no anacondas in front of them, maybe he would be the subject of ridicule by his friends. Feeling on the verge of death, Steve ventured to make a big decision. He ran as fast as he could to save himself.

”Steve! ” The five youths screamed in panic.

”You stupid child! ” Nick cursed.

Steves attempt to escape gets off to a bad start. The big snake became interested in chasing him. There was no other way for them but to follow Steve and put the danger aside. Steve fell on the damp ground. His body moved backwards, avoiding the snakes eye contact. But unfortunately, the more you retreat, the softer the soil becomes. Don go backwards, even moving seems like a difficult thing.

”Damn, thats quicksand! ” Lutfi cursed.

They could do nothing but watch Steves body slowly sinking. Luckily, the adult anaconda escaped after Steves body was swallowed by the mud. A miracle happened. They saw another path behind the white fog. There was a strange feeling as they crossed the fog. Nick reached for his cell phone in his trouser pocket. The flat thing ran out of power. The only important tool that became a useless object. Nick grumbled wildly. However, the young man noticed one oddity. None of his friends spoke. Nick held his head up and spun around. Only Mehmet was busy looking up at the sky.

”Mehmet, where are they? ” Mehmet shrugged.

”Ah, shit! Whats with this forest? Theres no way they could just disappear. ”

”Maybe we entered a haunted area. ” Nick scanned the surroundings, maybe what Mehmet said was true.

The trees here look unusual. The size of the trunk is large with the fibers hanging down to the ground just like dreadlocks. The old tree seemed to have a spirit. Not denying, Nick also felt a different atmosphere. However, he immediately brushed it off.

”There is no such place, Mehmet! ” ”Do you really not believe in the existence of invisible beings? ”

”That only exists in fairy tales! ”

”How— ”

”Enough, Mehmet! Stop your boasting! You can tell it to your child later. All we have to think about now is where they all went and how we can get out of this place, and quickly complete our mission. ” Mehmet took a deep breath, trying to digest Nicks words that bothered him.

”How about we find the right path while looking for them? ” Nick fell silent, thinking about Mehmets strange-sounding sentence.

”Okay! ” He agreed to Mehmets suggestion in the end.


Elsewhere, Youvee walked away from the group so far. The white fog that loomed in the middle of the dark night made the young man not think that he would reach the hill. Youvee took off the sneakers because the soles of his feet felt hot. His narrow eyes narrowed. A flash of shadow flashed before him. Curiosity prompted him to immediately follow. A woman with long hair was walking on a path that was side by side with a ravine. Youvee could see it clearly.

”Is that the same woman I saw when I was with the children? Could it be.… ” Youvee gasped as the woman turned her head in the direction he was stalking. The moonlight accentuates the womans curves. Youvee gulped, his male soul suddenly churned.

However, he had to put his fantasies on hold when the woman in white darted into the forest. Youvee ran after the mysterious woman because he didn want to waste the opportunity. Either way, he had to get it right away. Gone without a trace, Youvee pouted. He decided to return to the small track there in annoyance. At least its safer there even though its flanked by ravines and high ground. Five steps passed, he heard a wolfs roar.

”Why do I have to deal with him? ” Realizing himself in danger, Youvee ran as fast as he could in any direction. Barely bare, his feet were bleeding because the terrain he stepped on was full of sharp gravel. Instead of getting a beautiful woman, he met a wolf incarnate the angel of death.

”Aauu! ” The black fur beast gave a loud shriek, then walked lightly to surround Youvee. The young man was wide-eyed. His consciousness had just recovered, it turned out that he had been trapped in the middle of the forest. The young man stepped back. However, unexpectedly, the night wolf bit Youvees leg.

”Buyao! Mama! ” Blood spurted profusely. Youvee fell, his struggle was useless. The wolf continued to tear other body parts apart. Youvee is dying and can say anything.

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