Jess sat among the trees surrounding the moat. Her sad eyes did not stop looking at the small fish swimming freely under the moonlight. She stroked her bloated belly, the baby loved kicking. Unconsciously, soon the fruit of her love with Nick will see the breadth of the world. Her heart was filled with sadness remembering the figure of Nick who was far away. Supposedly, at the age of nine months of pregnancy, Nick should always be beside her, pampering and taking care of her like other couples in general.

However, she has to bury deep the desire to enjoy the last trimester of her pregnancy with the man who has become her husband for two years. Jess wiped away the falling tears. She doesn know where he will take his longing that is bubbling. There are many stories in their household with various kinds of conflicts that always end with a smile. In fact, it was the first time Nick had made her feel so miserable. The feeling of longing that has no end has even taken away his freedom of thought.

”Jess! ” A mans voice rang softly in her ears. Jess recognized the voice. Immediately, she turned her head.

”Nick! ” The woman who loves gymnastics hugged Nick and shed tears on her husbands chest.

”Jess, I missed you. ” Nicks lips gently kissed his wifes forehead and cheeks.

”I miss you more. ” ”Tell me, why did you catch up with me in this place? Do you know? This place is very dangerous. ” Nick stared intently at Jess smooth face as he clasped the two tiny hands.

”What should I do? I miss you very much and also worry about you. I really need you, Nick! ” Sadness filled Jesss beautiful eyes.

”Go home! ” Nick closed his eyes, as if a weight was pressing against his chest.

”Don worry about me! Trust me, we will meet again another time. ” Slowly, Nicks hand slipped away. The silhouette of his body slowly disappeared.

”Nick, don leave me! ”

”Nick! ” Jess roared at the thought of her dying heart. He couldn chase Nick with a big belly.

”Jessy… Jessy! ” Someone yanked it from another realm.

”Nick! ” Jess opened her eyes with her heart racing as fast as deliberately poured water.

”How long has Nick been gone, and you
e starting to dream about him? ” A young man around the age of twenty-four asked.

”I don know. ” The pointy-nosed girl answered briefly, then gulped down the drinking water on the table. The hot air outside makes the throat dry.

”Jacob! Sorry if that made you uncomfortable. ”

”It doesn matter. You
e his wife, so its only natural that you
e worried about him. ” The man named Jacob buried Jesss head in his chest. The woman was silent, enjoying the scent of roses wafting on Jacobs plush coat.

”Now go to sleep! I have to go on some business. ”

”Is it late at night? ” she asked.

”Still afternoon! ”

”Go on, thank you for accompanying me. I will sleep again. Looks like I need a lot of time to sleep. ”

”Take care of yourself. ” Jacob stroked Jess stomach for a moment before disappearing from Jesss dimly lit room.

Jess was still rolled up in the blankets, trying to close her eyes over and over again to make up for the rest of the night. The mother-to-be was fidgeting restlessly on the bed. Most of her nighttime was spent on something empty. Insomnia strikes after the nightmare is over. Jess sighed and screamed in frustration. The only desire to sleep soundly was not fulfilled.

Jess got up and grabbed a bottle of wine that was neatly arranged on the mini bar in the room next to her private room. There was little doubt when the distinctive smell pierced the nose. It had been a long time since her tongue had played with that liquid. Thats why the smell becomes slightly different in the sense of smell. Suddenly Nicks image flashed, her ego rising beyond the limits of common sense. A glass of wine is poured in a glass. It is designed like a shiny gemstone. Jess drank it. In fact, she drank it again until the bottle became light and empty.

The last gulp made her footing seem to sway. Jess staggered left and right, crashing into an all-glass utensil. The sound of shattering was unavoidable. Jess had fallen between the shards of glass. Her mouth repeatedly vomited liquid. Before long, the doorknob turned. A blonde haired girl appeared from behind the door. The phone in her hand suddenly fell.

”Jessy! ” The girl hurried over to Jess. Quickly pick up the phone and call someone.

”Hello, Bill. Hurry to the mini bar. ”

”Quick! ”

Five minutes passed, the man named Bill was in the room he was looking for. The young man who was wearing an all-black suit started to lift Jesss body. Jesss eyes were rolling with drunkenness. Her fingers were about to reach Bills face, but fell before she could reach him.

”Velove, why is she this drunk? ” ”I don know. She was already like this when I walked in. ”

”Nick, you
e back, huh? Do you miss me as much as I miss you? ” Bill was silent, the owner of the eagle eyes only caught a glimpse of the woman he was carrying.

”Honey, stop for a second! I want… ” Jess burped. The smell of wine wafting from her mouth bothered Bills senses.

The two opposite sexes exchanged glances. Bill stopped walking after getting a nod from Velove. After Jess got off the sling, Jess grabbed Bills coat to lean on. Of course, Bill didn mind, his thin arms swiftly held the pregnant womans tiny body from falling. However, who would have thought, Jess would actually do something that managed to irritate Velove? Jessy shamelessly licked Bills lips passionately.

”Jess, what are you doing? ” Jess sticks to the action. Bill, who looked uncomfortable, tried to let Jess go.

”Jessy! ” Velove pulled Jess body a little rough so that the embarrassing act stopped. Jess almost fell down if Velove didn stop her right away.

”Hey, Joan. Are you jealous of me? Accept the fact that Nick only loves me. ” Jess raved.

”I don care who Joan is, but I can accept you kissing my fiance. Ive never done anything like that. ” Velove gripped Jess innocent arm while glaring, while Bill had to hold back his annoyance at the two of them.

”Huh, your fiance? Are you dreaming? ” Jess laughed, baring her straight, white teeth.

”Come on, don serve drunk people, Ve. If its like this, whats the difference between the two of you? ” An impatient Bill immediately carried Jess to the car. Nicks wife needs immediate treatment. Velove followed and had to listen to Jess babbling incoherently all the way to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, Jess was immediately treated in a special room. The young doctor who served Jess was taken aback as she was about to take action. There is clear fluid that runs down both thighs. The drunken woman continued to babble like she was in excruciating pain. Jess had intense contractions. Jess was completely helpless.

The team of doctors regretted Jess drunkenness in the days leading up to the birth. With Bills approval, the team of doctors decided to have surgery. After some time, the loud cry of a baby filled the room, but it could not wake Jess, who had lost consciousness. The beautiful doctor with the ID ”Joana Alexandra ” left the room in neat official clothes.

”Mr Bill and Miss Velove! Congratulations the baby girl, will be temporarily placed in a special room for treatment. You can only see it through the mirror. ”

”Doctor Joana, is the baby all right? ” asked Velove. ”Not so good but not worrying either. ”

”How about her mother? ” Again, the girl asked a question.

”Miss Jessy fainted after rupture of membranes and contractions. She went through a period of ill health. Her blood sugar and blood pressure are very low plus she consumes a lot of alcohol. ” Bill and Velove didn react, they left Jess completely to the doctor. As soon as the doctor left, Bill and Velove planned to see baby Jess. The few steps that had passed immediately stopped, the lovers looked at each other after hearing a heartbreaking scream from Jesss room.

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