Four years…

He had lived in this parallel world for four years now.

Thats right, he came from a different world.

That different world was called Earth.

In his previous life, he was just an ordinary high school student addicted to playing many types of games.

Eventually, as the college entrance examination came closer, he also worked hard to prepare for the exam.

As a result, he worked too hard, working day and night. And in the end, he fainted.

When he woke up, he transmigrated over into the body of another young man.

And when he received the original owners memories, he learned that the original owner also had the same name as him, Chen Yize.

However, there were also some differences between him and the original owner. For example, he had parents in this life, unlike in his previous life when he was an orphan.

Another example was that the original owner was a high school student who had already finished his college entrance examination.

When the original owner was about to return home from a celebration party with his friends, he suffered a car accident.

When waking up in a hospital, his soul had already entered the original owners body.

Before he woke up, the original owner asked him to take care of his parents in his place.

While he had been confused about what the original owner meant at that time, he later agreed to it.

After all, he didn have parents in his previous life. When he finally had them in this life, he felt very grateful and deeply moved that he even wanted to cry.

Ha gave his sincere blessing to the original owner. It was his blessing to have a new body to live in after death, so he felt very grateful for the original owner and sighed for the original owners death.

Good news always came one after another. After he was discharged from the hospital, he learned that the original owners score from the college entrance examination was very high. Although it wasn the highest, he could apply to any university he wanted.

When choosing what he wanted to study at the university, it went without saying that he chose computer science and technology. As a video game enthusiast in his previous life, he had a dream to develop his own game when he grew up.

It took him only 45 minutes to choose to apply to the imperial university. After all, the imperial university was recognized as the first university in China in this parallel world, and his score was more than enough.

There was also another reason why he wanted to develop video games in this world.

Different from his previous world, this world, a planet he lived is called Blue star.

Blue star is a planet with a history similar to Earth before World War II. However, the causes and effects of World War II here were different from his previous world.

World War II here was a global war that lasted longer than his previous world. It lasted for around 60 years in total and ended in 1999. This war also expanded its scale significantly and later became the war between the west and the east.

The final result was that both sides suffered a lot, but they still couldn decide the winner.

In the end, they both signed a long-term anti-war contract to maintain world peace and formed the United Nations (UN), which invited every country to join.

Now, more than 20 years have passed since the end of the war. This war still left many huge effects on the development of this world.

The most obvious thing was that many technologies in this world were more advanced, whether mobile phones, computers, cars, etc. Although they didn have AI systems like those that appeared in many sci-fi novels, their performances were better, more or less.

The most advanced thing now should be those VR cabins. It was a miracle for those researchers to be able to invent one during the war. Older people said soldiers once used them as training fields for each country.

As a result, they later became products for many big companies to mass-produce and sell.

However, poor and ordinary people still couldn afford these high-priced things now.

Having a technological explosion in this world might sound great. However, this long war also made the development of this world deviate from that of the previous world. It turned some development directions for the worse.

The first and most obvious thing was the large number of casualties caused by this war. Compared to the previous world, the size of the world population was only 3 billion at that time when the war ended in 1999 instead of 6 billion.

It caused many people at that time to lose their relatives and friends. Although the war had already ended, these people still had some hatred remained in their hearts.

Even now, those older people still had some hatred in their hearts without venting it out. And they both knew that the other side also hated them. It made the relationship between the two sides delicate, and discrimination was common.

As for the younger generation, they all heard many kinds of stories from the older generation. It resulted in making them have the same feeling as the old. However, they didn experience it themselves, so their hatred was less intense than that of adults.

Honestly, he felt very uncomfortable living in this distorted world as a person who once lived on Earth. Racial discrimination was so heavy, even though most people never clearly showed it. Yet no one ever mentioned that it was wrong.

Back to the topic, because of this, the competition between each side became even more fierce. Although no one suggested it, people were still willing to compete. As for the way to compete, they chose to compete in various fields except for war.

The culture was one of them. Whether in the west or the east, people still hoped to prove that their culture wa

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