Game Designer: Starts as Her Only Employee

Chapter 6: Li Xinyi\'s First Experience

After Su Mei chose to [Play again.], the page finally returned to the first page filled with the description.

Su Mei stared at the computer screen for a while, hoping to reduce the discomfort in her heart.

She still hoped she could continue to play, but her professionalism as a reviewer barely managed to restrain her impulse.

Su Mei closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again to look at the chat.

At this moment, the chat also began to discuss enthusiastically.

Some were interested, while some were madly complaining.

Some were discussing the plot, and some were analyzing it.

[Its interesting. With this app, I can control the story development myself. Although it only gave me some possible choices, its already pretty good. So, I won complain.]

[I was still enjoying the story when suddenly this app told me that it was the end of the free content.]

[And the most irritating thing was when the streamer chose to click that button, [No, Thanks].]

[Really, why didn she choose another one so I could continue to immerse myself in the story.]

[The robot looked so cute. I also want to make one for myself.]

[Mark is not a good guy. I believe!]

After Su Mei had read some comments from the audience, she finally spoke.

”I believe everyone has already seen what kind of app [Choice of Robots] is.

”Thats right. [Choice of Robots] is just another kind of novel, different from those novels everyone has seen before.

”In the past, every story only existed by following the authors pen. How the author wrote was exactly how the story developed.

”And the readers could only give suggestions to the author at most. They had no absolute right to decide how the story should develop.

”However, everything will change because this app finally appeared.

”This app has shown everyone how to let the readers be able to participate in the story while also keeping them under control.

”After all, without any control, the readers may turn the story into something the author doesn intend. And what
e the differences between them if the readers write the story entirely in the end?

”So, the developer chose to make some choices for the readers instead of letting them write their own story entirely.

”This way, they can decide how they want their story to develop simply by making choices. While the author only gives them some possibilities. ”

Su Mei paused and took a deep breath before she continued.

Clicking on the [Show Stats] button, Su Mei also began to point out this apps advantages in order.

”For the stats, the benefits for adding them are quite obvious.

”They help everyone who has read the story, including me, to track our current conditions before we can carefully make another choice.

”And they are also a kind of proof that the choices we have made before are meaningful. They proved that our choices have changed something about the protagonist and the robot. ”

Clicking on the [Restart] button to let the pop-up appear, Su Mei continued.

”For the restart, everyone should have known what it can do.

”Yes, its just the button that allows us to return to the beginning.

”Its different from many novels we have seen before because it only allows us to start from the beginning. We can choose to read any chapters in the middle like those novels.

”However, only in this way can we immerse in the story from the beginning. It may annoy someone because of this. But if we think about the short length of this novel, its not much of a problem.

”And we may make a choice that we regret deeply later. This app is already pretty good to allow us to restart it in the middle, instead of letting us continue to make choices till the end before we can restart it. ”

Clicking [Cancel] on the pop-up and then on the [Achievements] button, Su Mei took another deep breath before continuing.

”For the achievements, I have unlocked some of them, so I finally know what they can do.

”They hint and let us know what we can achieve in this story while encouraging us to unlock them. Then when we succeed, the app rewards us while giving us a sense of satisfaction.

”And finally, the menu. ”

Clicking on the [Menu] button, Su Mei didn continue to explain much anymore, and she just said.

”For the menu, I don need to explain much.

”First of all, we can just return to the story while we can also view the credits and share this app with friends.

”We can also change the texts size or the background color to make them suit our preferences. ”

The explanation Su Mei gave looked very professional and detailed, and even Li Xinyi also nodded her head in agreement.

After Su Mei finished her explanation, she took another short rest while glancing at the chat.

[It makes sense.]

[Thank you for the explanation.]

[Kneel before the streamer. I can think of it that much myself.]

[So, in conclusion, the developer of this app is a genius!]

After glancing and resting, Su Mei still chose to continue.

”In addition, the story itself is also done very well.

”Although I didn play it to the end, The story so far is still full of necessary details without any redundant.

”The author interspersed the story with many thought-provoking and philosophical things while keeping the story to look warm with the cute and innocent robot accompanying us.

”The story let us contemplate. What kind of role should the robots in the future have? What will happen in the future when humans and robots live together? And what exactly is the relationship between the two?

”Its also admirable for the author to show us the effects of the choices, telling us that every choice we have made is meaningful.

”Overall, I highly recommend this app to everyone. Although I haven reached the end, its fine because just the first two chapters are already worth it. ”

[I will go and download it immediately!]

[What is an excellent app, This is it!]

[Haha! I have already downloaded it, and Im going to clear the story first!]

[Damn it! You are so fast!]

Su Mei also looked at the chat with satisfaction.

Then, Su Mei said goodbye to her audience and ended the live broadcast today.

Looking at the screen that had returned to the first page, Su Mei clicked on [Buy It Now for RMB20.00] without hesitation.

She hoped to clear the story once, twice, or maybe more.

There was another thing that Su Mei didn tell the audience.

[This app allows users to experience the first two chapters for free. And when you have cleared both of them, it will be difficult to resist buying the rest of the app. At the very least, she can resist it.]


Inside the Xinyi company building…

After Li Xinyi watched Su Meis live broadcast till the end, she finally put down her mobile phone.

It was still within her expectation to get a recommendation from Su Mei. After all, she could judge that this app was excellent, and Su Mei would naturally think the same.

However, listening to Su Meis analysis one by one, Li Xinyi realized that she still underestimated Chen Yizes ability.

Looking at Chen Yize, who was still sleeping beside her, Li Xinyis eyes became deep and thoughtful.

During this period, Chen Yize has given her some huge surprises.

Not many times, but each time, it broke her long-established concepts for developing apps.

It made her feel like waking up and seeing the new world.

And despite that, Chen Yize still looked no different from before. He always came to the company every weekday while acting cheap from time to time.

As far as Li Xinyi knew, after graduation, Chen Yize only became serious when it came to anything about [Choice of Robots]. For other things, he would turn into a usual casual guy, as always.

Maybe, this is the so-called hidden genius?

Anyway, it doesn matter.

What Li Xinyi needed to consider now was how to respond to the current situation.

At present, Chen Yize is still an ordinary employee or an ordinary programmer in her company.

Does she want to promote Chen Yize to a higher position?

Of course, its not impossible to directly promote Chen Yize or change his position to a chief designer right now.

However, the time since Chen Yize entered the company is too short. Its not suitable. In case he fails to meet her expectation for him later.

So, Li Xinyi still chose to wait and see for the time being.

And it was also at this moment that Chen Yize finally woke up.

Opening his eyes, Chen Yize immediately checked the time and discovered that two hours had passed.

Chen Yize began to panic and was about to continue searching for more people to help him promote his game when suddenly, the sound came from the side.

”You don need to work so hard anymore. ”

Turning his head to the side, Chen Yize noticed that Li Xinyi unknowingly appeared to be there while she looked at him with concern.

”I still… ”

And just when Chen Yize was about to say that he still needed to work, Li Xinyi interrupted him mercilessly.

”I have already done it for your sake. So, please stop. ”

Sitting there speechlessly, Chen Yize somehow saw a begging expression on Li Xinyis face.

Was it a hallucination?

Shaking his head and forgetting about it, Chen Yize faced Li Xinyi again and hesitated for a while before asking.

”How… did you do it? ”

And Li Xinyi also returned to her serious expression before giving Chen Yize an answer.

”I used the money to buy some gifts for the streamer and asked her to review it. ”

After hearing Li Xinyis answer, Chen Yize thought for a while before slumping into the chair, feeling exhausted.

”How much? ” Chen Yize asked.

”One million, ” Li Xinyi answered.

”So, thats how you did it. ”

There was a reason why Chen Yize didn want to ask Li Xinyi for help in this matter.

Considering that Li Xinyi would only see him as crazy or stupid if he told her about the system task. So, of course, he wouldn tell her this.

And when he couldn tell Li Xinyi about his reason or purpose for working so hard, he would only feel more ashamed to ask her for help.

He wouldn consider lying to Li Xinyi. Instead, he would choose to remain silent. It was because they were friends, and he sincerely regarded himself as being an honest person.

While resting, Chen Yize thought that being rich was so convenient.

Whatever you want to do, its nothing more than just throwing the money.

Like this situation when Li Xinyi only gave the streamer some generous gifts, and that streamer immediately followed her wish honestly without any complaints.

Chen Yize sighed for his ordinary self. And it would be a lie to say that he didn envy Li Xinyi for being so rich.

As for Zhou Wei, Chen Yize still didn know that he was also a rich second-generation in a true sense, nor did Li Xinyi.

After all, Zhou Wei considered himself a son of the Tianhai companys president, who owned the Tianhai app store.

He didn want to be respected and served by others just because of this. So, he chose to hide his identity for the time being.

As long as no one searched about it, no one would know.

”Thank you. ”

Although Chen Yize didn want to ask Li Xinyi for help, it had already happened, so he still chose to thank her.

e welcome, ” Li Xinyi responded.

After that, the two didn know what to say anymore.

And yet, when they felt slightly embarrassed because of this quiet environment, Zhou Wei pushed the door in with an excited expression remained on his face.

”Great news! The total number of downloads of [Choice of Robots] is rising! And it rose so fast! ”

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