Game Designer: Starts as Her Only Employee

Chapter 9: First Live Broadcast

For Zhou Weis job application, Li Xinyi had already noticed it.

And Zhou Weis resume looked quite good in Li Xinyis eyes. So, it wasn a problem to pass for an interview.

However, it would take at least one day in the process before Li Xinyi knew whether Zhou Wei could join the company or not.

The most important thing to focus on now was the review of [Choice of Robots].

At present, it showed that some of the reviewers had already passed it while some of them had not.

Some of them also replied that they didn pass the review.

They said that the content of this [app] was too sensitive.

Chen Yize had already expected this.

Although [Choice of Robots] was an excellent game, in China, this game was very controversial.

Some said that this game was good, while some said it wasn good.

The reason was nothing else but the story of this game.

In the story, Chinese hackers hacked into the protagonists computer to steal the robots blueprints.

Then, a Chinese company reproduced the protagonists robot and sold them to the United States.

When China sent the prime minister to discuss with the United States, these robots also participated in the parade.

And when the war started, China also used these robots in the battle against the United States.

Although there were some truths behind it, for example, China was indeed the country with many counterfeit goods. It was like this, both in his previous life and this life.

Many reports and research stated that over 80% of the counterfeit goods came from China.

However, there was also some exaggerated content that many Chinese couldn accept.

For example, the part that said Chinese hackers hacked into the protagonists computer to steal the robots blueprints.

Chen Yize himself didn know whether this was true or exaggerated.

But as a Chinese, he was still more inclined to believe that it was an exaggeration.

Another example was when the Chinese prime minister arrived in the United States to discuss and came with many imitated robots while still having a parade to show off.

Although some people could be shameless sometimes, the prime minister couldn be, especially on that occasion.

If even the prime minister, the countrys representative, could do this, then Chen Yize couldn have any hope for the future of that kind of country at all.

It was ridiculous that when other countries people played this game, they felt it was nothing.

On the other hand, when Chinese people played this game, they could only feel uncomfortable at how other countries felt about them.

And when Chen Yize played this game in his previous life, this part of the story gave him an uncomfortable feeling that he couldn speak.

Chen Yize, as a Chinese, still loved his country and hoped the country could be more prosperous.

If someone said something ill about China without reason, Chen Yize would surely scold them in return.

But if someone said it reasonably and most people agreed, Chen Yize could only remain silent and even admit it sometimes.

Chen Yize wasn a mindless nationalist who only praised his country and looked down on other countries.

Chen Yize believed that every countrys culture had its advantages and disadvantages. It depended on each individual. Which countrys cultures did they prefer the most?

Chen Yize still preferred Chinese culture the most. But he could also appreciate other cultures.

And just because of this, this games content was indeed a bit too sensitive in someones eyes.

Especially after the war had ended not long ago, releasing this game now might be counterproductive.

However, Chen Yize still believed that good games would always shine, and a disadvantage could turn into an advantage.

Maybe, this game was too real for some people to accept. But because it was too real, it could better reflect this ironic reality.

And because of this, most big companies that sought stability couldn pass the review of this app. It was too risky for them.

Nevertheless, most small companies didn care about it that much. They only hoped to find good apps for themselves to attract more users.

But unexpectedly, one of the big companies passed the review of this game, the Tianhai company.

When Chen Yize learned that this game passed the review and their review department allowed him to release it in the Tianhai app store, he was somewhat surprised.

Maybe, he should keep an eye on this company and consider giving priority to them in the future, Chen Yize thought.

Whether it was because of their ability or courage to pass this review, Chen Yize appreciated it.

Chen Yize now didn know that the reason was neither of them. It was just because Zhou Wei passed the review without pondering too much.

Anyway, it didn matter. Chen Yize just released this game on any stores that passed the review.

After working hard for half a month, Chen Yize finally released his first game in this world.

Now that he had released the game, it was time to consider its publicity.


The third day of the release…

[Choice of Robots] had a total number of downloads: 152

During the past three days, Chen Yize realized that good games would not always shine.

Chen Yize also welcomed his new colleague, Zhou Wei, to join the company.

Putting the colleague matter aside, at present, Chen Yize felt both disappointed and desperate.

He felt disappointed because the result didn meet his expectation.

He felt desperate because the systems time limit was getting closer with every day that passed.

Chen Yize didn want to get punished by the system, but he couldn find any suitable way to promote his game for a while.

At least, it wasn suitable for the Xinyi company, or it wasn effective enough to achieve the systems requirement within half a month.

In Chen Yizes previous life, there were many kinds of ways when people wanted to promote their games.

The first way was to release a promotional video before releasing the game.

However, this way of publicity still had an essential requirement to succeed.

It was essential to have a certain amount of popularity.

It wasn suitable for the Xinyi company that Li Xinyi had established not long ago.

Without any foundation, if Chen Yize released a promotional video, only a few people would watch it, and it wouldn achieve 10,000 downloads within half a month.

The second way was to promote the game through websites in the form of banners or pop-ups.

Different from the first way, this way of publicity didn require much about his popularity.

It was very suitable for web games because when people clicked on these banners or pop-ups, they could go straight to the website without any problem.

Chen Yize hadn yet developed the web version of this game that was similar to his previous life. So, the only choice for the website was the download links on those app stores.

However, it wasn fair if he only chose one of their links to promote his game. It would cause some dissatisfaction from others, which would be somewhat unfavorable for the companys development later.

The third way was to buy a recommended position from those app stores.

This way of publicity only required money, a lot of money. And the more popular the app store was, the more money he needed to pay.

If necessary, Chen Yize didn want to choose this because it required too much money.

The fourth way was to buy some media to report about his game. Or to ask some stars to endorse it.

Similar to the third way, it required a certain amount of money.

In addition, it would only attract those middle ages people in most cases. It was because those young people didn watch any television or news much. And it wouldn achieve much if he chose this way of publicity.

Chen Yize expected that most people who came to play this kind of game would be those who initially loved to read online novels.

And the last way Chen Yize could think of now and decided to do in the end was to find some social media influencers to promote his game.

However, how to contact and let these people agree to his request was also a problem.

Most of the time, this group of people would only act on their own. They chose popular ones to promote because it would also help them promote themselves.

And his game wasn that popular yet to attract these people to help him promote.

Some of them also acted only for money. But for these people, the more popular, the more cost required.

So until now, he was still struggling about which persons he should contact next.

Some people might ask him why he was still struggling with this kind of thing up until now.

He also didn want to ponder too much about this matter and just released a promotional video like most games in his previous life.

However, that was only for most people who didn have a system to force them to work hard like himself. And it also required a certain amount of popularity.

For Xinyi company that had just released its first [app], there would be no popularity bonus to help him get 10,000 downloads within half a month.

It would be impossible for Chen Yize to complete the task without any publicity. And this publicity might as well do it in the most effective way.

Sometimes, Chen Yize would sigh at how difficult it was for people to start their businesses.

One of the most challenging periods for any business to grow was when it had just started because it was the time when it didn gain any popularity yet.

Once people gained a certain amount of popularity for their businesses, it would be much easier later.

So, Chen Yize contacted many of these people but failed every time.

Either because his game wasn popular enough or because he didn offer enough money.

In the end, Chen Yize continued to persist, hoping to find someone who could help him promote his game.

He must find one to complete the task.

He must find one to survive the punishment.

He must find…


Another half an hour had passed…

Li Xinyi came from behind, looking at the man who fell asleep in the end.

Looking at Chen Yize, Li Xinyi thought of what had happened in the past three days.

On the first day of the release, nothing happened much.

Chen Yize just invited her to go for a celebration together.

At that time, they were both full of expectations for the future.

On the second day, Chen Yize started to look restless after seeing the result.

He kept saying that it didn meet his expectation.

He kept trying to find the reason behind this.

He kept contacting those influencers desperately.

He kept working hard for an unknown reason.

Even if she asked him to rest, he would push her away and continue.

Li Xinyi didn understand why Chen Yize needed to struggle so hard.

She didn have that much expectation herself.

She knew this was just their first [app], and it would be useless to have too much expectation.

At that time, she just thought Chen Yize would stop soon while she was still interviewing Zhou Wei.

In the end, it was already the next day, and Chen Yize still didn stop.

She couldn help but start to feel concerned about Chen Yize.

Maybe, it was best to help him even if she didn know his reason.

With that thought in mind, she tried to recall every person she knew before she thought of a person.

This person would surely be able to help Chen Yize.

She was an app reviewer who lived broadcast every day.

Before entering the app development industry, Li Xinyi believed she should learn more about potential competitors. So, she followed this streamer in the end.

It wasn long before Li Xinyi entered the live broadcast room that this streamer had just started and sent her a reward with a message.


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    [Li Xinyi: Are you interested in reviewing the app called [Choice of Robots] today?]

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