There was a second gathering at the portal where individuals were waiting on being transported to the island. Luther was of the selected few who would participate in the raid. Many were suspicious of him and kept watch of his every move but Luther was casually unbothered. At one point he was approached by another contestant, this slender, pale-looking guy with silver hair and grey eyes.

”Oy…Luther was it? A word? ”

— Heller to Luther

The two walked away from the crowd to the nearby forest line.

”Hm, what is it? ”

— Luther to Heller

”Ill get straight to the point. Lets team up, Im here for a certain purpose and I suppose so are you? Out of everyone here Id say you
e the strongest, (flashes eyes) I can see it…all that mana your hiding. ”

— Heller to Luther

”(Oh? And here I thought no one noticed. Im impressed) Yea, why not. Ill team up with you, screw everyone else. ”

— Luther to Heller

”(Smiles) Ill try not to hold you back. ”

— Heller to Luther

”Yea (looks towards the crowd) mhm, mhm. ”

— Luther to Heller

Luther suddenly left Heller when he spotted the Portal Masters arriving to greet the crowd. One of them couldn help but notice Luther slip between the group.

”Hey you there, in the cloak. ”

— A Portal Master to Luther

This took the crowds attention.

”Ahh, (points to himself) me? ”

— Luthers response

”Your name. ”

— Portal Master to Luther

”Is that how you address someone? With such an authoritarian tone why not address yourself first. Is that how you all show respect? ”

— Luther to the Portal Master

”A long tongue can mean a short life young lad. ”

— Portal Master to Luther

”Is that a threat? ”

— Luther to the Portal Master

”No, (proceeds to walk closer) just an advice. I like competition like you (reaches out hand) Im Portal Master Zen…may I be acquainted? ”

— Zen to Luther

”(Glance at Zens hands) Luther (shakes hand) the names Luther E. ”

— Luther to Zen

”I hope to see great things from this event. Youve caught my eye. ”

— Zen to Luther

Everyone watching most likely watched the scenario played out because it sort of drew their attention at the moment. Heller on the other hand saw through everything. The moment Luther and Zen shook hands there was a mana-transaction —simply meaning Luther stole a portion of Zens magic within that 2.0 secs of them shaking hands.

” (Shakes head) This **ing maniac. ”

— Heller in his head

Soon after, the Portal Masters began preparing the gates to lead all the participants through. Luther and Heller would end up sticking together as they went through to the other side.

Autumnholm Archipelago or the moving island that appears every few hundred centuries or so. The contestants were pre-informed of what to expect on the island. There were assigned to clear the land of any living threat so that it could be controlled and monopolized for future generations. The prize…artifacts, priceless artifacts recovered from the island by the Vision Squad are in the possession of the Portal Masters, to give each individual a reward or two at the end of the raid.

On the other side it was a dark continent where everyone could feel the the island moving beneath their feet. But they were all so engaged with their own personal boss fight that no one no one noticed this phenomenon— except for Luther. When he and Heller had arrive they were separated by he Risening which was when all the creatures and entities that guards the Temple of Templar rose up from beneath the ground. The phantom spirit Jakklha split the earth between Luther and Heller separating the two. Luther thought of intervening but the appearance of another— Roznoha, The Supreme Deity of the Far Seas —made him think otherwise.

Roznoha made it rain spears at Luther and everything around him. Though Luther made it very hard for even one to hit. His reflexes, speed and agility were far beyond the capabilities of Roznohas spears. One of those said spears, Luther accidentally kicked towards another woman contestant. He zapped though space to catch the spear before it could impale her…

”Ehh sorry bout dat. ”

…then zapped back to confront Roznoha. He threw the spear toward the sky at Roznoha though Roznoha tried catching it before the attack struck but the spear vanished midst way appearing even closer than before. Roznoha wailed after feeling something plunged its heart— the spear, it hit. As Roznoha fell, Luther made sure no one was looking when he stole the deities power, drained completely of its mana. Luther took a rib from Roznoha to draw a magic circle below him. The inscriptions lit up and fill the circle blue before Luther hopped in, disappearing in the middle of battle.

EXT. Heart of the Titan

Luther exited the other side of the portal where he realized he was at the heart of the island. Luther realize he was inside a human organ system, from the simple fact that he was looking at a living, beating heart.

”My thats huge (leaps forward onto the heart chamber) this should solve all their problems (touches the heart) Your magic is mine, Titan. ”

— Luther in his head

Luther had started to steal the magic from the island…no, the Titan. This entire time the mysterious Archipelago was a living, breathing Titan that roamed the far seas carrying the Ancient Temple of Templar on its back. To do this the Titan keeps the island at a certain level above water without actually showing the rest of its body. Draining such a beast proved to be a difficult task for Luther as the amount of mana was a above his expectations.

”(Grunts) Its crazy the amount of mana this thing has. I feel like my entire body could explode. But I can feel it, the magic is accepting my body and fusing with my own. All 9 hearts are being pumped with mana and circulating it to the highest degree. ”

— Luther in his head

As Luther devoured the Titans magic, turning its heart into the size of a pea, the island began to crumble. Without sufficient mana, the Titan became unable to support the island much less itself. Its heart was what kept the island and its inhabitants alive and well. Luther took that away the moment he touched he heart.

Above, just as the contestants were on their last, the entities and creatures that swarmed the island slowly began turning into ashes— the island was sinking. Portal Masters who witnessed everything through the Third-Orb immediately prepared the gates to let the contestants one the other side back through.

Zen who stood before the Third-Orb realized two contestants were missing— Luther and that other kid. Just then he saw them flying on what he describe a wind-disk through a portal Luther created. He knew in the moment that he should inform the King however, Zen went against all orders and kept it a secret to himself. Zen and the other Portal Masters such as Farr and Pann, helped with rounding up the injured and uninjured participants to receive medical attention. After that was all resolve they began announcing the names of the participants to each come up and choose their reward. Even though the island was destroyed thats the best they could do for the ones who risked their lives. In the end, Luther and Heller didn receive a reward and of the two rewards one was kept by Zen and the other was given away to the first contestant who caught it. Lucky them.

Zen and his group of Portal Masters ended the raid to report to the King of the results. Before that, Zen prepared what he was going to say, mostly the truth but his truth.


Luther and Heller had escaped miles way from the Archipelago at a remote location aka Farmers Ranch. The area was filled with dead crops and burnt down barns-clouded in a nigh-illusionary mist. The perfect spot for a hideout as any who tried to enter never leaves and ends up dying in the fog. This was where Luther dropped Heller off before parting ways. Luther made his way to Witch-Area where he made a stop at the black market to buy a few items. As he passed the gold coin onto the seller someones been following me Luther realized that it was no longer safe to be there. He put up his cloak and vanished into the a large crowd that was passing by as a maneuver to lose whoever was trailing him. It worked but then they spotted him again in the city. What started as suspicion turnt into a high-speed chase across Witch-Area City. Because Luther couldn lose the perpetrators even on his wind-disk, he settled with drawing them out in the open back to this remote area.

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