The Alyssum’s Inferiority Complex

Chapter 3: Taking her Hand

”I heard you caused trouble again yesterday. ”

Sitting by her vanity mirror while her maid brushed her hair, Lucretias body stopped before turning her head to the boy by her door.

Donning the same silver platinum shade of hair as Lucretia, his emerald eyes were cold as he looked at her. With handsome and pretty features, he dressed in a neat fashion that accentuated his charming appearance.

Lyon Adallindus was the eldest son of Marquis Adallindus, Lucretias older brother.

”What might you be referring to? ”

”You know what Im talking about. ”

As a silence filled the room, Lucretias downturned eyes didn stray away from the chilling look her brother gave her. The servants in the room felt the underlying tension and froze, not wanting to be caught in the crossfire.

The silver-haired girl turned her head back to the mirror, resuming a flippant attitude with a light laugh. She signaled for the maid helping her to continue brushing her hair, as she looked through her jewelry boxes.

”I really don know what you
e talking about, brother. The only things I did yesterday was attend a tea party yesterday, hosted by my good friend? ”

”And what did you do during that tea party? ”

Lucretia turned toward him, as she rested her head on her dainty hands. An innocent smile formed on her face, as she closed her eyes in a carefree manner.

”What else would you do at a tea party? I only enjoyed myself. ”

Lucretias charming smile did nothing to move the cold expression of her brother, as he crossed his arms.

”Then why did I hear about Lady Irene returning home with a dirty appearance and tears in her eyes? ”

”Ah~ is that what you were referring to? What a boring topic~ ”

The silver-haired beauty had a bored look on her face, as she looked back towards the vanity. However, that lazy attitude was not enough to satisfy Lyon as he stood by the door.

”Lucretia. ”

”… Fine. If you must know. Didn I already say it? I enjoyed myself at a tea party. What type of tea party doesn have some type of entertainment? ”

Pinching his nose bridge, the silver-haired boy looked frustrated.

”Hahh… you
e about to have your coming of age ceremony next year. How much longer are you going to be so immature? ”

Pausing for a second, Lucretia looked back with an annoyed expression.

”It wasn even a big deal. Why do you have to always lecture me about these insignificant things? ”

”Because I know father won . What happens when you do something that even father can save you from? When are you going to understand that the only reason you
e allowed to act like you do, is because father and me have been picking up after you? Not even father will be able to continue spoiling you for much longer, at this point. ”

”I am perfectly capable on my own. I don need you or father to looked after me. The only problem I have now is you not knowing your place. ”

Lyon scoffed with a look of disbelief.

”How delusional are you, Lucretia? Without the Adallindus name, do you think you would be anywhere near where you are now? Have you ever done anything by yourself? Even your engagement with the crown prince was made because you begged father. ”

Lucretias body stopped at the mention of her engagement. Lyon noticed as well, and realized he mightve spoken too far.

”Get out. ”

”Lu— ”

”I said. Get out. ”

”… ”

As Lyon looked at the trembling figure of Lucretia, he sighed before turning to leave.

As his footsteps became quieter, all that was left was a dead silence.

Lucretia looked down, as her hands clenched into a fist on the table. Feelings of embarrassment and anger mixed together as she bit her lip. The maid by her side could see her expression and trembled, not wanting to do anything to aggravate Lucretia further.

”M-my lady— ”

However, before she could finish her sentence, the silver-haired girl stood up suddenly, which caused the maid to take a step back.

In a second, Lucretia had shoved everything off of her vanity, all the jewels clattering onto the floor. She was so frustrated, but she had no idea what to do to quench this nagging feeling that dug root in her heart. Leaning over, she grasped onto the edge of the table, as her eyes turned toward the vanity mirror.

All that stared back was her disheveled appearance that was only proof of what her brother had said.

e wrong…

She kept repeating that phrase in her head. Almost as if she was trying to make herself believe that. There was no way she could accept what he had said, after all.

Its only natural for me to get what I want! After all, Im Lucretia Adallindus!

Not backing down, she pushed forward with her unwavering pride.

For she was Lucretia Adallindus.

Two years after her coming of age ceremony, the 18-year-old Lucretia only became more beautiful.

”You. Your fired. ”

”Eh? ”

Lucretia looked in the mirror with a disinterested look, as she addressed the maid doing her hair. The latter took a step back.

”M-my lady? Why! ”

”Are you raising your voice with me? ”

Turning her head slightly, Lucretia had an annoyed expression on her face as she looked over at her. The maid quickly felt chills down her body, as she fell to her knees, with her head on the floor.

”O-of course not, my lady!! This lowly servant would never dare! ”

”Hm… then get out. You
e fired. ”

The maids trembling body quieted for a moment, as her hand clenched into fists. She took a breath before raising her head.

”M-may I ask what I did wrong? I-Ive worked for you loyally for years, my lady. ”

”… I don like how you did my hair. ”

”E-Eh? ”

The maids eyes widened, unable to believe what Lucretia just said. The latter could see the look on her face and smirked, as her eyes lidded in cruel glee.

”If youve worked for me for so many years, you should know my tastes by now right? I have no need for a maid who can even get my hair right. ”

”B-but— ”

The maid looked around and all the servants could only turn their eyes away from her, not wanting to be dragged into this.

”If you have nothing else to say, then get out. If not, Ill get the guards to imprison you for trespassing. ”

”!!… y-yes! ”

Knowing how the young lady was, the maid knew that there was no way Lucretia would ever retract what she said, so she quickly ran out of the room.

The servants in the room all knew to keep silent and watch what they say, so there was only silence in the room.

Lucretia didn mind this silence, however. Looking at her nails, she thought about what to do today, to get some entertainment. However, her attention was drawn to the window, as she heard some noise below.

Seeing the familiar carriage with her family insignia, she had a smile on her face as she quickly left the room. Taking quick steps down the grand staircase in their main hall, she looked over at the figure by the door.

”Father! You
e back! ”

A platinum silver-haired man with emerald eyes looked over at Lucretia. Being a handsome man with a resemblance to Lyon, he had a more mature air to him, but that exterior quickly melted away as he smiled like a doting dad at his daughter.

Just as Lucretia took the last few steps down the stairs, she stopped in her tracks, as she saw that her father wasn the only ones that had arrived.

Behind him, and beside her brother, was a cute girl with silver-platinum hair and green emerald eyes.

With delicate features, she was like a wisteria flower, not allowing for others to be able to look away. Although she was dressed in a plain dress, the graceful and refined way she carried herself drew the eyes of anyone near her. She was a different type of beauty compared to the gorgeous Lucretia, but anybody would agree that she was charming. Even Lucretia couldn help but stare at her, before she broke away from her entrancement.

”Who… Whos that? ”

The Marquis stilled for a second at Lucretias question. He looked as though he wasn sure how to answer, and Lucretia noticed his expression. However, before she could say anything else, her brother spoke up first.

”Her name is Charlotte. Charlotte Adallindus. The one youve been taking the place of for 18 years. ”

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