In the field,

” Hey! How are we supposed to fight in the dark.? ” -Lux

” In the morning its easy. But at night its a challenge. I have placed 4 Targets here, I dare you to shoot them all at once. I can tell you where they are, but good luck. ” -Mateo

The sun hasn even risen yet. And I already need to do this… Lux thought.

Lux saw into the distance of darkness. Nothing. He changed directions. He felt something wasn right, he took out his arrows and shot. Shoot again and again until the last shoot. Silence…

They waited for the sun, which came in no time. Mateo was shocked, the targets were all shot in the middle. No misses, all perfect. He looked at Lux in shock. Lux looked back and said, ” Its a secret (._.) ”.

” What about swords? ” Mateo questioned.

” Not really good… ” Lux replied

” Alright, since you know how to use the sword a bit, try fighting me. ” Mateo said

The sun just came… (.﹏.*)

” Alright! You can give me anything, Pickaxe, ax, sword. Just give me. ” Lux courage said

The shouting woke Martha up, she looked out her window. ” ITS MATEO AND LUX!! Lets surprise them! ” She quickly changed and ran to the field. Not knowing what, horrifying things will happen.

Mateo randomly gave Lux anything close to him, It was a pickaxe.

”Ooh, nice choice. Mining with the miner was a helpful job. ” Lux said with an evil smile on him.

” BEGIN ” shouted Mateo

Out of nowhere smoke came out, the last thing he saw was Lux putting on a mask onto his face, and his eyes glowing yellow. At that moment, Mateo knew something was wrong. He wanted to run to take his helmet.

Before Mateo even took a step, Lux leaped out from nowhere. Grabbing his neck with the pickaxe. The fog faded within seconds, ” You know that i shouldve just killed you right now. said Lux

He let go of Mateo, and Mateo fell onto the floor in shock.

” H-how the ** did you do t-that? ” Mateo shivered while speaking. Lux took off his mask and gave Mateo his hand. ” You can learn if you want to. But it will take years for that matter of seconds. ” said Lux.

”AAAAAAH!!! ” a scream shouted, they looked to the side to see Martha watching the whole scene in horror.

” MARTHA ?! ” they both shouted. Martha thought his brother was gonna get killed, she ran into action and stepped in front of Mateo. She pushed Lux and said ” NO KILLING! ”

Lux leaned down, he looked at Martha with a smile. And said

”We aren killing anyone, it was just practice. Plus we
e siblings even though I wasn born by your mother, Im still here for you. Siblings stick together no matter what, alright? ”

Martha Shouted ”Alright!! ” Mateo and Lux both smiled at Martha, while she smiled even brighter.

”Its Lunchtime! ” a maiden called. ”Alright! ” Mateo replied.

”Hey, Why don I bring both of you two out tonight? ” Lux whispered.

” But we
e not allowed to go anywhere at night, ” Mateo said.

” Don worry, I will call you when I carry her. ” Lux smiled.

” Alright, I trust you ” Mateo replied

”Lets go eat before fathers rage comes out again. ” Mateo said to Martha.

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