Lux played with Martha, trained with Mateo and when night falls Lux brings them out for memory.

He would either bring them to a lake to feed fishes or see flowers with a candle. Dancing with the villagers when there was a celebration, running into flower fields and laying on them.

4 days passed in a blink of an eye, War is getting closer and closer.

” CHARGE !!! ” someone shouted. Mateo, Lux, and their soldiers ride their horses into their enemys property.

Lux hopped off his horse and wore his full face mask. He walked into the war that was being held. The dirt was flying everywhere until the air was dirty, it turned brown and was hard to see. No one who is who.

Lux was going for the main course, the king. It was a rule for every kingdom, that if someone kills the ruler of their kingdom. The killer will be the new ruler if the townspeople agree to it. Lux didn want to be king, he just wanted to make this war go to an end.

At that moment the air cleared, everyone, can now see. Lux was in the middle of the enemys property, ” Oh shit ” Lux mumbled. Lux threw a smoke bomb and he, not even a second he had already killed 7 guards with blood still dripping from the blade. More guards came out, so he decided to choose another weapon.

”A pickaxe is a nice choice, isn it? ” Lux speaks in a devil-ish sound. Within seconds a guards head had already fallen from the sky while the body was still standing and fell. Everyone was horrified to see the head and the disconnected body. No one dared to move, Mateo saw this and knew this was his brother, he is a sweet and generous boy. Not a killer. ” WHO ARE YOU?! ” Mateo shouted.

Lux turned his head to face Mateo and said ” I am the Blade, Lux is not here right now. Don worry darling, he will come back… ” Blade said it in a deep horrifying voice. ”Now, who wants to be next? ” Everyone started charging into The Blade. All their heads have a big scar on the end from the big sharp blade for the pickaxe.

The villagers didn dare to walk out of their houses after seeing an unknown man walkthrough. Blade walked into the castle with no king nor queen, he knew they were hiding so he started to search around the castle, nothing. He checks again, nothing. He checked the whole castle but still nothing.

”Well, well. Aren they good hiders? ” Footprints on the floor leading into a back room. It was a small hut, further away from the castle. He went in it, not expecting a little girl to be there, the girl is at least 14 yrs old. She was small and i didn dare to hurt her.

” Hello! Are you new here? I think so, have a seat. ” said the little girl

”Thank you for your kindness, little one. Say, where are your parents? ” Blade asked.

” I don have one, I only have an elder brother. And my name is Delia. Im 13 yrs old ” said the little girl.

Blade took out a black piece of cloth. ” Can you look somewhere else first or close your eyes? ” said Lux

” Alrighty! ” Delia closed her eyes and she heard a small voice saying ” Okay, now open them. ” She looked and saw a man with a cloth tied around his eyes.

” Ohh, that is awesome! Ive never seen a person with black hair before, Ive only seen blonde or redheads here. ” Delia shouted. A few hours had passed and without knowing war had ended.

” I think its time that I go home. ” Lux stood and walked out. He walked until he disconnected the guards head. Before even Lux, kneel to see the head. Someone stabbed Lux in the back. He was already in pain but someone else came and hit his head until everything went black while his mouth was spitting out blood.

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