AJ was trying not to look as bored as he felt. But as he watched the neon lights flashing on the gyrating bodies of the people on the dance floor below, he acknowledged that he was as bored as a fish in a bowl! The only positive thing that he could see in sitting here was that he was saved from his friends continuous prattle, due to the loud music that was bursting from the speakers around them.

But the friend in question was not going to be ignored so easily. Snatching the glass of whiskey from AJs hand, Noel growled, ” AJ! You think I don know your tactics? Let me remind you something! We are here tonight not so that you can drink and ignore me! But because you need to find a wife. ”

AJ looked at his agitated friend and drawled, ”With how nervous you are, one would think that it was your inheritance that was at stake instead of mine. If you think I am going to find a wife from the brainless women down there, who are looking for a man to pamper them and snatch his money, then that IQ of yours is a waste. I have no intention of becoming anyones sugar daddy. ”

Noel looked upwards as he prayed for patience and spoke, ”Well unless you are going to produce a wife out of thin air in the next two days, you are going to have to find a woman somewhere! And knowing your unwavering faith in the institution of love and marriage, I don think you are going to find the kind of woman your grandfather wants you to have, anytime soon! ”

His friend, unfortunately, remained unresponsive and continued to look at some corner behind Noel as if it was the answer to all his questions. Irritated at the loud music and his silent friend, Noel screamed over the music, ” AJ! Are you going to tell grandfather you are gay? ”

That earned him a lethal glare from his friend but no words still, thus giving him courage to continue, ”AJ. Isn it better to hire a wife who knows that you will leave her once your inheritance is secure? And look at the beautiful women around you! They are the cream of the crop around here! The most stunning, hot and sexiest, you will find! If you need a pretend wife, why not go for someone you can even sleep with! And then, when you are done with her, it will be so easy to discard her! She will enter the marriage knowing that she is going to earn a nice income from it! Its not as if you would get into a marriage without a prenuptial agreement? How is it different from any other agreement? ”

Noel was still ignored by his friend though.

Exasperated, Noel almost pulled out his hair as he growled, ” Fine! Lose your inheritance for all I care! Hand it to that she-devil who has been making our lives hell for the past decade! I don know why I am so worried when you couldn care less! Its not like the solution of you

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