The Prince’s Naughty Wife

Little Girl-Big Play

It was barely the break of dawn and Noel had already broken into a cold sweat. He had spent the entire night coordinating with the police to catch those who were dealing drugs, as well as fish out the information from the girls so-called friends about her. So at least he had finally known that the young beauty who was with the beast at present was called Mia.

But before he could have used the information, the old man who was now hurrying down the hallway had marched into the office demanding an explanation—an explanation for what he had no idea. But when King William the Two marched into your office and ordered, you followed them no questions asked. Or you might just receive a smack from his heavy walking stick and that was an experience that Noel had no interest in ever having repeated.

But his friend was in danger at the moment and Noel could not think of a way to stop the King. Thus he could only follow with the rest of the entourage and pray that maybe a sudden earthquake might occur and save them! Heck, at this moment he was willing to settle for just any natural calamity that would stop the king from knocking at AJs door. But no Act of God came to save him and soon King Williams assistant was knocking at the door.

When the door did not open for a few moments, the king harrumphed and ordered, ” Bring the master key. ”

Noel gulped at this. Things were going to get uglier. However, thankfully before the master key could be bought out the heavy door swung open inwards. While every one of the Kings entourage looked down to show discretion, Noel tried to peep inside shamelessly. But there was no one in the suite. Sigh! If only the crown prince had a room that opened directly into the bedroom instead of this small apartment! The bedroom door was firmly closed.

AJ smiled thinly at his grandfather and stepped aside, ” Good Morning, Your Majesty. ”

The man had no patience for his grandsons thin smile and directly raised his hand, poking the short walking stick directly at AJs chest as he grumbled, ” You call this a good morning? When I have to trudge halfway across the city to see my grandson in all his glory! The least you can do when you answer your door is- to wear a shirt! At least you had the decency to pull up your pants when you have been caught with them around your ankles so to speak. ”

AJ narrowed his eyes at the pictures his grandfather had caught from his assistant and was waving in his face. Throwing a glance that promised retribution to the assistant, AJ took the photographs and walked back inside calling back, ” You can come inside and join me for breakfast or you can leave. ”

The King snorted once again at his blatantly disrespectful grandson but followed him inside looking around for any signs of revelry that his grandson may have indulged in. But the only thing in the living room was his laptop.

Sitting on the couch with a sniff, His Majesty, King William decided to continue to keep questioning him, ” Who is this woman, AJ? Instead of returning to your nation, you have come here despite my multiple warnings to you. And then I have to keep chasing you! Do you not want to retain your title of crown prince? Are you going to abdicate the throne is Leland like your father?

First, you rebel and pursue your own business interests instead of taking up the ropes of the empire! BUt I did not object because you were young and I did not want to cut off your wings! But now! You are so old! By the time I was your age your grandmother and I had been together for a decade and you are still going to bars and picking up whor*s! ”

”Foul language is not becoming of you, Your Majesty! Breakfast will be here shortly. ” AJ refused to answer any of his grandfathers questions well aware of the fact that answering even one question would only lead to more questions. It was better to let the old man think he was being ignored.

”Crown Prince Aiden Jonas William Agilofings! I refuse to be ignored! You will answer my questions this instant or I… ”

AJ looked up from the screen with a sigh. If the old man had to resort to calling out his entire name then he really must be answered. ”Yes, your Majesty? ”

”Do not yes majesty me! Tell me who is this woman that you had with you in this room last night! And in the pub! How can you be so careless? Is that how you show your respect to me? To your nation? I order you to find a good woman and settle down or lose your titles and throne and instead of finding her, you… you hole yourself up with a nobody who would publically sit on your lap with no concern for propriety? She was sitting in your lap! ”

Having worked himself into a frenzy, King William failed to pay attention to his surroundings or the presence of his many attendants and aides. At the same time, the attendants were trying to merge into the walls lest they be caught in the crossfire when a slightly husky voice spoke up, ” Who are you calling a nobody? And what is this with sitting in your lap thing? You never seemed to mind when I sat in your lap, Your Majesty. ”

The words were like a bomb. No one in the room could believe their ears and even the aides who were until now pretending to be deaf could not hide their surprise as the girl walked forward.

This girl had been sitting in their Kings lap? The old man who was like a father figure to their entire nation? Was he a per*ert?

The only person who remained calm was AJ who picked up his glass of water and sipped it slowly to hide his amusement.

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