. Her face flushed as she ogled it more.

She noticed the man stop and turn around and she immediately snapped her eyes upwards to meet the most beautiful eyes she had seen. They were a jarring green and reminded her of a predator. Where had she seen this man for him to have landed in her dreams? Her imagination was most certainly not capable of creating something like that. Her eyes roved hungrily over his body. The front was as beautiful as the back. The man looked like he had stepped straight out of a novel.

”Are you done ogling? ” The imaginary man asked her as he donned the robe. Mia blinked.

”Uhhh? ”

”It is the middle of the night, Mia Brighton but now that you are awake, I think I have a proposition for you. ”

”Huh? ”

Looking at her slow responses, AJ wondered if she had somehow turned a bit dumb after growing up. The thought made him pause. What he was about to propose to her… if he succeeded then she would be thrown to the wolves. No. He would stand between her and the wolves.

It was only as the man continued to stare at her with his eyes focused on her did her memory come rushing back. Her birthday plans, her dizziness, the waitress warning and then she had climbed into this mans lap and flirted.

Mia snapped up in bed. What did she do? Looking down she noticed that her clothes were at least intact and breathed a sigh of relief. But the next minute, she remembered her friend and almost jumped out of bed. The mad said that it was the middle of the night and Tia liked to party into the early morning hours. Maybe she was still in the club. She needed to hurry and get there.

As she stood, she felt the world around her sway and a sound escaped her before she fell forward, directly into the mans arms who rushed forward to catch her. The man held her in place and as she struggled to escape, he shook her violently, ” Mia Brighton! Where are you going? ”

She paused at the name. Had she told him her name? ”I need to save my friend. You don know. There are drugs. Those people are evil. I need to warn her. ”

”Your friend does not need saving. ” AJ bit out.

Once again Mia was confused so AJ sighed and spoke, ” Your friend was in on the drugging. Sit down and have some water. We will start over and Ill explain everything. By the way, do you know who I am? Have you remembered? ”

As he questioned her, the name came to her as if it had always been there, ” AJ. ”

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