Silver Moon loved conflict. From conflict came opposition. Opposition brought defeat. Defeat brought despair, and despair brought death. And death was power.

Silver loved power. Who didn ? Power is the very essence of life. It is why we exist. The problem was power was hard to come by these days. There weren any breakthrough discoveries that could lead to enlightenment. Fighting with other worlds was a waste of time and too risky.

Silver was far beyond that stage. He now needed sources of power, many sources of power. However, as one of the newest celestials, that was far-fetched thought.

What Silver needed now was time and space. Time and space happen to be the two resources he had in abundance.

In the distant darkness of the universe, Silver began to create. His creations were a disaster. They were too good. His harsh worlds full of monsters and disasters allowed his people to progress.

The problem was there was no limit to their advancement. Inhabitants of his worlds would become too strong and attract unwanted attention. It was imperative to stay unnoticed.

It brought Silver no join, destroying worlds. Sure wiping out sentient beings wasn good, but the loss of mana is what hurt. He had to admit it wasn all a loss, though.

Trial and error.

With enough practice, his mini-worlds eventually became his desired slow trickle of hidden power. Once he creates enough, that slow trickle will be a stream. The limited direct conflict was Silvers key to success. That and worlds upon worlds.

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