Who’s My Dad, Mom?

4. My Step-brother is a Jerk

Ella was not a rebellious child. She wouldn be that mean to her mother if Mrs Roberts treated her daughter well. The violence she experienced as a child from Mrs Roberts made her always long-gone look for ways to deal with her moms attacks.

Ellas father passed away when she was only 7 years old. After that, the once loving mother turned to be a violent one. At first, Ella could only take punches and slaps from her. However, as she grew up and was supported by her strong growing body, she began to fend off her mothers attacks.

Parry. Not returning the attacks. However, Ella still had to maintain her excellent attitude towards her mother. Maybe she was stressed out because she lost her beloved husband.

Even so, Ella was still grateful that she and her mother were not experiencing financial hardships. Her father left a large inheritance managed by his lawyer, Mr. Adam. The monthly allowance that Ella and her mother received was more than enough to make a decent living. Ella even often saw her mother go shopping for luxury goods and hang out with her rich friends.

Even though she was rude, Ella still loved her mom because she kept herself single despite her status as a widow. She could say that her mom was still beautiful at her age. They were only 20 years apart because her mom got married at a reasonably young age. Beautiful but not remarried. What else if love wasn the reason?

Thats why, after hearing the news from Mr. Adam that her mom had remarried, Ellas suppressed hatred seemed to overflow. The mother was also able to turn away. There was no longer any remnant of the mothers kindness in Ellas heart.

Ella got out of the taxi, took Reginalds hand, and carefully helped her son down.

”Smart kid! ” Ella praised her son as he managed to jump down quickly and without any problems. Moreover, her son did not object to the new environment, which was different from Japan.

Its indeed a trivial thing. However, Ella always praised Reginald when the boy managed to do all his duties well. She would never refer mothers mistakes there, who always beat her when the work he did was not perfectly done.

”Mama, whose house is this? Its huge! Its not like our patio in Sendai, ” Reginald commented in the Japanese Language. The child was indeed more fluent in speaking Japanese than in English.

”This is the house of Mr. Robby Williams, hmm … my mothers husband, ” Ella answered hesitantly, unsure of how to introduce her mothers new husband to Reginald. Meanwhile, the child had never even met her grandmother.

”Can I call him grandpa? ” Reginald asked again innocently.

”Lets see later, honey! ” Ella only answered doubtfully while forcing a stern smile. She couldn promise anything to her son because she didn know what kind of person her stepfather was.

”Wow! Look whos coming, my dear wife! ” The heavy voice of a man coming out of the houses main door startled Ella and Reginald. He must be Mr. Robby, Ellas stepfather.

Seeing Mr. Robbys warm welcome, he seemed to be a good person. Because of that, Ella and Reginald gave their greetings and smiled warmly.

”Ella! ” The screams of surprise and displeasure from Mrs. Lily made the people around her, including Mr. Robby and several maids, startled. Mrs. Lily did not expect her daughter to bring her grandson, Reginald. Although the child was recognized as a legitimate child, it was still not easy for her to introduce her only grandson. She couldn help. Marriage at such a young age would invite peoples suspicion.

”Why did you bring him here? I told you not to take your child! ” Mrs. Lily whispered in Ellas ear. From the corner of her eyes, she watched her husband, who was already carrying his step-grandson happily.

”Do you think my son is something I can keep in a bag? ” Ella replied curtly.

”But how should I tell everyone about it later? ” Mrs. Lily protested again.

Ella didn answer. She just paid for the taxi and unloaded her luggage. She refused the change from the driver and went into the house, following in his stepfathers footsteps.

”Hey! You should have left Reginald with your friend! ” Mrs. Lily chased her as if she didn want her daughter to just walk away.

Ella paused for a moment and said curtly. ”If you don want me to bring him here? Why did you sell my fathers house–my house–my sons house

Seeing Ellas glaring eyes, Mrs. Lily inched backward. It was clear that her daughter was furious with the reality she had just faced a few hours ago.

From the airport, she returned to a house that was full of memories of her childhood only to find that it was a stranger who opened the door. The nameplate on the fence no longer shows Roberts family but Arthurs family.

It was clear when she called Mr. Adam that she understood what was going on. At that moment, Ellas love for her mother, which had been thinned, turned to zero, or even minus. Mr. Adam gave her mothers new address, then asked Ella to restrain herself. Emotions would only make a broken situation even more shattered.

”Sorry for bothering you, Mr. Williams. I will only be here for a while. This afternoon we will immediately find a hotel to stay at, ” Ella said politely, observing her stepfather, who was playing with his son. ”I just want to discuss something with my mom. ”

”Hey, does this house look too small for you, honey? ” Mr. Robby asked with a funny laugh. ”Stay here. Aren you now, my daughter? Call me daddy, ok? ”

Mr. Robby then turned to Reginald and said, ”You too, my hero! Call me grandpa! Hahaha! ”

Mr. Robbys cheerful laughter echoed throughout the room. It made Ellas heart which was already burning hot because of her anger at her mother calm down. For some reason, she just seemed to get back her long-gone father.

After thanking her stepfather, Ella was ushered by a maid who wore all black clothes to a guest room in one corner of the house. Its a luxurious one. Ella immediately arranged her clothes with a lighter heart.

Mrs. Lily, who had been afraid that Ellas visit would make her husband disturbed, now felt relieved. She was determined not to tell him about Reginalds history because of his daughters early marriage to an unknown stranger. She didn even remember the name of her former son-in-law.

In the evening, after dinner and brushing his teeth, Reginald went to sleep. Of course, it was after Ella read his favorite bedtime story.

Ella was feeling thirsty. She had to leave the room to get a drink because she forgot not to ask the maid to prepare mineral water in her room.

In the kitchen, she immediately took a bottle of mineral water from the fridge and was about to take it to her room. However, as she turned around, she hit something hard and sent her falling backward.

”Ouch! ”

It turned out that she was hitting a humans body. A muscular one!

”Who are you! ” both of them exclaimed simultaneously.

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